Board of Directors

Mr. Liansheng Miao
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Liansheng Miao is the chairperson of our board of directors, the founder and chief executive officer of Yingli Green Energy. Prior to founding Tianwei Yingli in 1998, Mr. Miao was the chairperson of Yingli Group. Mr. Miao is an executive director of the Photovoltaic Committee of the China Renewable Energies Association, vice chairperson of the China Rural Area Electricity Supply Association and vice chairperson of the China Cells Industry Association. Mr. Miao is also a director of the Hebei New and High Technology Industry Association and a director of the New Energy Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Mr. Miao received his bachelor's degree in business management from Beijing Economics Institute and his master's degree in business administration from Peking University in China.

Mr. Yiyu Wang
Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Yiyu Wang is currently the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer at Yingli Green Energy. Mr. Yiyu Wang was previously the Chief Strategy Officer of the Company and be in charge of the overall management of the financial and sales sector of the Company. Prior to joining Yingli in 2006, Mr. Wang served as a Senior Audit Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers since 1996. From 2003 to 2004, He worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Wang received his bachelor’s degree in International Finance from Shanghai University in China.

Mr. Jingfeng Xiong
Director and Vice President

Mr. Jingfeng Xiong is a director and vice president of Yingli Green Energy. His directorship became effective on March 3, 2017. Mr. Xiong joined our company in 2000 and served as our company’s vice president since 2008. He has been responsible for our company’s manufacturing, research and development with rich experience in operation management, technology improvement and technical innovation. He has led our company’s Project PANDA, a research and development project for high efficiency monocrystalline PV cells. Mr. Xiong has planned many other innovation programs and made outstanding contributions by optimizing operations and automating production lines to improve yield rates, enhance cost savings and increase production efficiencies. In addition, he has been playing a key role in the over-all planning of procurement, production and sales along with our company’s strategic adjustments in recent years. He received a bachelor’s degree in electronics in 1999 from Hebei University and his EMBA degree from Nankai University in China.

Mr. Iain Ferguson Bruce
Independent Director

Mr. Iain Ferguson Bruce is an independent member of our board of directors and the chairperson of the audit committee and compensation committee of our board of directors. His directorship became effective upon the completion of our initial public offering in June 2007. Mr. Bruce joined KPMG in Hong Kong in 1964 and was elected to its partnership in 1971. He was the senior partner of KPMG from 1991 until his retirement in 1996 and also concurrently served as chairman of KPMG Asia Pacific from 1993 to 1997. Since 1964, Mr. Bruce has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, and is a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, with over 50 years of international experience in accounting and consulting. He is also a fellow of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors and the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (formerly known as Hong Kong Securities Institute). Mr. Bruce is an independent non-executive director of Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited and MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited. Mr. Bruce is currently an independent non-executive director of Goodbaby International Holdings Limited, a manufacturer of infants’ and children’s products, The 13 Holding Limited (formerly known as Paul Y. Engineering Group Limited), a hotel and property investment company, Tencent Holdings Limited, a provider of Internet services and mobile value-added services, and Wing On Company International Ltd., a department store operating and real property investment company; all of these companies are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. In addition, Mr. Bruce also serves as an independent a director of Noble Group Limited effective March 1, 2017, a commodity trading company that is listed on The Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. He was also an independent non-executive director of Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd., a beverage manufacturing company, and retired from that company’s board on 4 September 2014, and was the chairman of KCS Limited until August 1, 2015. He was also an independent non-executive director of Sands China Ltd., a gaming and hospitality company, and resigned on March 11, 2016.

Professor Ming  Huang
Independent Director

Professor Ming Huang is an independent member of our board of directors and a member of the audit committee and compensation committee of our board of directors. He was elected to our board in August 2008. Professor Huang also serves as an independent nonexecutive director of Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Ltd., China Medical System Holdings Limited,, WH Group, and Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. Professor Huang has been a professor of finance at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University in the United States since July 2005. He also serves as the La Caixa Professor of Finance at China Europe International Business School. Previously, he held a series of faculty and administrative positions at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, and the Chicago Graduate School of Business. Professor Huang’s academic research primarily focuses on behavioral finance, credit risk and derivatives. Professor Huang received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Peking University, his doctorate in theoretical physics from Cornell University and his doctorate in finance from Stanford University.

Mr. Richard Xue
Independent Director

Mr. Zheng Xue is an independent member of our board of directors and a member of the audit committee and compensation committee of our board of directors. His directorship became effective on September 19, 2011. Since May 2015, Mr. Xue has been the chief financial officer of China Music Corporation, one of the largest digital music companies in China. Prior to that, Mr. Xue was chief financial officer of, which is a Chinabased global online retailer. Prior to joining in 2011, he served as chief financial officer of ATMU Inc., which is the largest automated teller machines sourcing company in China. Prior to joining ATMU Inc. in 2010, he served as an advisor of Asia Alternatives Management LLC since 2009. Prior to his affiliation with Asia Alternatives Management LLC, Mr. Xue was a venture partner of Softbank China & India Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Softbank Corp, and manager of Bodhi Investments LLC, which focuses on early stage companies in China and India from 2006 to 2009. He also worked at ChinaCast Education Corporation from 2006 to 2009, Target Media from 2005 to 2006 and eLong Inc. from 2003 to 2005 as professional chief financial officer or director, respectively. Prior to joining eLong Inc. in 2003, Mr. Xue worked for eight years in investment banking in the United States and China. Mr. Xue studied at Tsinghua University in China and received his bachelor’s degree in physics from University of Illinois and his MBA degree from the University of Chicago in the United States.

Professor Junmin  Liu
Independent Director

Professor Junmin Liu is an independent member of our board of directors and was elected to our board in August 2008. He is a professor in the Economics Department at Nankai University in China. Professor Liu began his teaching career in September 1982 and has been teaching at Nankai University since December 1992. Professor Liu's research and study focus on macroeconomics, virtual economies and finance. Professor Liu received his Master's degree in economics and his doctorate in economics, both from Nankai University.