Management Team

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Liansheng Miao is the founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer at Yingli Green Energy. Mr. Miao is also the founder and Chairman of Yingli Group, a privately held company. Mr. Miao also serves as the Executive Director on the Photovoltaic Committee of the China Renewable Energies Association, the Vice Chairman of the China Rural Area Electricity Supply Association, the Vice Chairman of the China Cells Industry Association, the Director of the Hebei New and High Technology Industry Association, and the Director of the New Energy Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Mr. Miao holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Beijing Economics Institute and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Peking University in China.
Director and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Yiyu Wang is currently a director and Chief Financial Officer at Yingli Green Energy. Mr. Yiyu Wang was previously the Chief Strategy Officer of the Company and be in charge of the overall management of the financial and sales sector of the Company. Prior to joining Yingli in 2006, Mr. Wang served as a Senior Audit Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers since 1996. From 2003 to 2004, He worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Wang received his bachelor’s degree in International Finance from Shanghai University in China.
Director and Vice President
Mr. Jingfeng Xiong is a director and vice president of Yingli Green Energy. His directorship became effective on March 3, 2017. Mr. Xiong joined our company in 2000 and served as our company’s vice president since 2008. He has been responsible for our company’s manufacturing, research and development with rich experience in operation management, technology improvement and technical innovation. He has led our company’s Project PANDA, a research and development project for high efficiency monocrystalline PV cells. Mr. Xiong has planned many other innovation programs and made outstanding contributions by optimizing operations and automating production lines to improve yield rates, enhance cost savings and increase production efficiencies. In addition, he has been playing a key role in the over-all planning of procurement, production and sales along with our company’s strategic adjustments in recent years. He received a bachelor’s degree in electronics in 1999 from Hebei University and his EMBA degree from Nankai University in China.
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Dengyuan Song is the Chief Technology Officer at Yingli Green Energy. Dr. Song has more than 27 years of experience in the research and development of solar cells, silicon materials and semiconductor PV devices. Mr. Song also has more than 10 years of experience in polycrystalline silicon cells, thin-film solar, cells and third-generation solar cells at the ARC Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining the University of New South Wales, Dr. Song served as a professor at Hebei University in China, where his teachings and research covered a broad spectrum of topics, including solar cells, silicon materials, photoelectric devices and automation engineering. He has published and presented over 150 papers in scientific and technical journals and at various PV industry conferences. Dr. Song received his bachelor’s degree in Microelectronics Engineering from Hebei University and his Ph.D. degree in Photovoltaic Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Australia.